Getting Started…


The first blog post is up!
This is the post for all those who want to learn  python but are confused over how to get started.

So, here are some tutorials for absolute beginners:

There are many more but these are the best(in my opinion, of course). You can refer two or more at a time.

PS: The list will keep getting updated. You are welcome to suggest any other nice tutorials that you have gone through in the comments section below. 🙂

Getting started with python is easy but keeping yourself motivated along the course is quite a difficult task. Advice from my side would be that, meanwhile, keep exploring some interesting things that you can do with python.

  • You can refer: Automate the boring stuff with python
  • My YouTube Channel: Indian Pythonista
  • Also, you can give a shot to some of the posts on my blog which do not need any advanced knowledge of python. (To be added soon)
  • If you are into competitive coding, then you can have some submissions in python.
    (questions involving string manipulation are a cakewalk! 😉 )

There will be times when you will get stuck somewhere and may start losing interest.Never let yourself in that situation.
The easiest way would be to seek help online.

Most probably, the problem you are facing right now has been faced before by somebody else too and they got it solved in one way or another with the help of an active programming community. 
One such (largest) community is Stack Overflow.
Just copy-paste the error you are getting to Google. (Most of the times, first 2-3 links of google search are of Stack Overflow.) Here is an example:


You are free to share your views here.
Any suggestions or queries are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Getting Started…

  1. Hi,
    Best wishes for your blog. I am a hobby programmer. I like Python very much but don’t want to learn until an ide with “Make Exe” button comes into main stream.


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