A blog where anything and everything is Python!

Here you will find some nice python projects, tutorials and my experiments with python.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello My name is amber gautam/ Recently I start watching your videos. These are awesome. I am python geek. I want to do everything in python. I am stuck in python API’s calling like facebook API, youtube API etc. Please make a video on this from scratch. And is possible please reply. Its my request.
    Email: ambergautam1@gmail.com


  2. Hello Nikhil,

    I am a software engineer who creates web applications using Microsoft technologies. I came to know about you from the recently concluded Educarnival in IIT Delhi which I could not attend as it was held on a working day. I am a member of several prominent non-profit technology groups in Delhi-NCR. It will be a pleasure for us to host you if you would like to deliver a talk or conduct a workshop for us. You may get in touch with me on the number 9811399719 or the email address abhimanyu_rawlley@yahoo.com.



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